PDF download Easter Mini-book(Iisutah*Minibukku)


Easter full color tract booklet for children. An A4 size page that is then folded into a booklet with 8 face pages. Topics include: What is Easter?(celebrates Jesus coming alive 3 days after dying on the cross). Words in the Bible to read about Easter (John 11:25). A prayer (to God who raised Savior Jesus, thanks for opening the way to eternal life). When is Easter? Easter eggs (symbol of new life), Easter bunny (symbol of abundant life), egg hunt, Easter tree, Easter garden (mini representation of cross and empty tomb), Easter quiz (find the 2 eggs that are the same). Closes with a message: “To learn more about God and Jesus come to church. We are waiting for you.” A fun way for kids to learn about Easter. Furigana pronunciation over all kanji words. In PDF format to be downloaded and as many copies made as needed to distribute to children. Download at