About the English page:

This page contains English information about Word of Life Press Ministries products. You may view information about Bibles, books, CD’s, music books, DVDs, Bible study software and evangelistic tracts.

How to search for any item:

To search for Bibles, Books, Music (includes music CDs and songbooks), DVDs (plus audio voice CDs), Software, Tracts just follow these steps:

  • 1. Choose the publication type (Bibles, Books, Music, etc) you wish to search by clicking on its button in the right hand list. To the left you will then see the most recent publications of that type with the most recent release on top. Scrolling down you can see all publications in order of release backwards to 2010. Date of issue and price are shown. Click on “For more information” to see the description of the product, product number (code) and the ISBN number.
  • 2. Click in the text entry field and type in the word or phrase you wish to search for. Searches are case insensitive so searching for ‘jesus’ and ‘JESUS’ or even ‘jeSus’ will give the same results.
    • You can search for the TITLE of an item. It can be a partial title but must be spelled correctly. Ex. Searching for ‘Special’ would find ‘You are Special’ by Max Lucado. You can also search for the Japanese title using Romaji (Roman alphabet spelling of Japanese words). Since the Romaji titles are often not direct translations you may want to look for the Japanese title on the Japanese site.
    • Note the following spelling guidelines for inputting Romaji. Long vowels (held for two counts) : a=ah, i=ii, u=uu, e=ei, o=oh. Eg. ‘okahsan’ (mother) is correct (for older books only the long o = o and the long u = u). Combinations: use ‘sho’ rather than ‘shyo’ or ‘syo’. Double consonants are doubled. Eg. ‘bokkai’ (pastoring) is correct
    • You can search for the AUTHOR of a book or tract. The name can be partial. Eg. Searching for ‘Holland’ will find books by ‘Arthur Hollands’.
    • You can search for the ARTIST of a CD or ILLUSTRATOR of a book just like the author of a book.
    • You can search for a TOPIC or THEME in the descriptions of items.
  • 3. Click on the ‘Search’ button to initiate the search. Or you can press the ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ keys.
  • 4. The results of the search are shown in the main frame. You can scroll the frame if necessary to see more of the results.

How to Order:

To order IN JAPANESE from the web site English description of the product you want, click on the button “Purchase in the Internet shop” to procede to the Japanese shopping cart page. You can pay by furikae form (paying at a convenience store or post office), COD or by credit card. Or click on “Purchase in other ways” where you will be offered the following options: ordering from the internet store, ordering from a Christian bookstore in the Bible Shop chain, ordering by telephone to the WINGS online store, or ordering from a general market bookstore. This is all in the Japanese ordering procedure.

Ordering within Japan:

You can order directly from the web site IN JAPANESE at the “Internet Store”インターネット店 button at the bottom middle right of the Japanese home page at www.wlpm.or.jp or go directly to www.gospelshop.jp and pay by postal furikae form, COD or by credit card. Your order will be sent to you by our WINGS online store through a parcel delivery company. Or go to any Oasis, Life Center or Bible Shop Chain store listed on the web site or any other Christian bookstore in Japan.

IN ENGLISH you can order by e-mail or telephone or FAX and pay by postal furikae form or COD.


  • 1. by e-mail: gospelhq@wlpm.or.jp or gospelhq2@main.wlpm.or.jp
  • 2. by telephone: English speaking staff can be reached at 03-5341-6917 or 03-5341-6915. Keishi Kasuya or Sachiko Niimi of the International Department.
  • 3. by FAX: 03-5341-6912

Ordering Essentials:
Please include the following when you place an order:

  • 1. Title in English, Romaji or Japanese
  • 2. Product Number (‘code’)
  • 3. Price
  • 4. Quantity desired
  • 5. Your name and complete delivery address and phone number

Your order will be sent to you by our WINGS online store through a parcel delivery company within Japan.

Ordering from outside Japan:

Unfortunately at this point we do not have a system in place to receive orders from overseas customers directly to us in Japan. We cannot bill individuals with an address outside of Japan or send product to individuals outside of Japan.

However, some U.S. customers are able to get some of our products by going to Amazon.com or Amazon.jp in Japan.

OR you can go to U.S. retailers who receive our products directly from us. You could contact them directly.

CLC Multi-Language Media carries about 20 of our titles plus Bibles. They specialize in providing materials in many languages for those evangelizing international students. They also have some materials in Japanese by other publishers.

They can be reached at:

CLC Multi-Language Media

701 Pennsylvania Avenue

Fort Washington, PA 19034

Tel: 215-542-1026 or 888-656-0952

email: mlminfo@multilanguage.com

web: www.multilanguagemedia.org


The largest Japanese language Christian bookstore in the U.S. is in Los Angeles. They have a very good stock of Christian material from Japanese Christian publishers especially WLPM.  If they do not have something you want in stock, they can special order it for you. Their web site is bilingual and easy to navigate. The store is:

Japanese Christian Bookstore

401 East Third Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013-0691

Phone (213) 626-1090

e-mail: jchristianbook@gmail.com

web site: www.japanesechristianbookstore.com