The True Joy of Easter ( Iisutah no Hontō no Yorokobi )


Has Easter entered Japanese culture? Theme parks have begun to incorporate "Easter" as an event, and the food industry is spreading Easter-related sweets shop dishes, so it is becoming established in Japan as a festival to enjoy with the arrival of spring. Easter is also called Resurrection Festival and is important to Christians. In Europe and the Americas and in South Korea and other places it is celebrated like Christmas, but it is not celebrated in Japan. It is a Sunday because Jesus Christ was resurrected on a Sunday. It is not celebrated on the same day every year like Christmas is but is always the first Sunday after the of the first full moon after the spring equinox. The Resurrection Event. The resurrection referred to is the resurrection of Christ. What is that? According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was 30 years old when he began a 3-year ministry in ancient Israel of healing the sick and preaching about the love of God and salvation (forgiveness of sin and eternal life). He told his disciples he would be killed and the third day afterward would rise from the dead. Religious leaders arrested him and the Roman governor had him crucified. He was buried but the leaders tried to make sure his disciples could not say he rose from death as he had said. So they put a heavy stone over the entrance to the tomb, sealed it and set a guard. But on the third day the tomb was empty and Jesus showed himself to many people. The leaders were surprised and even the disciples were afraid and did not believe at first until they actually met the resurrected Jesus. When they knew it was true they were filled with hope and with true faith and they began to tell others of Jesus Christ so the news has spread all over world. It is not easy to believe someone could die and come back to life. Even the disciples who were with him for 3 years could not believe until they met him themselves. This is an obstacle to faith for people and is hard for Japanese to believe. So why include this? Even if it is a fact and really happened 2,000 years ago, what does it mean for us? The Bible’s four Gospels (two written by disciples who were with Jesus for 3 years) recount the life of Christ and testify to Christ’s resurrection and the empty tomb. The early church history (Acts of the Apostles) has 13 sermons by the apostles and 11 of them testify to the resurrection. Early church preachers all stressed the importance of the resurrection and argued that it was with no doubt a fact. Quotes 1 Corinthians 15: 14-20. (Without the resurrection of Christ we are still in our sins.) Christianity began on the foundation of the resurrection of Christ. Those who believe testify that life does not end in death and have received the ultimate hope. Spring declares Easter has come. Grass and flowers burst with life. Families and friends enjoy eating together. Children make and enjoy Easter eggs. However, I would strongly wish you to know the deeper joy hidden in the origin of the holiday which is the resurrection of Christ. Pack of 50. ¥750+

Issued date:2023年01月20日
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