God Who Sleeps in a Manger ( Kaibaoke ni Nemuru Kami )

Makoto Tokuda

Christmas cards depict a baby Jesus sleeping peacefully and Mary and Joseph surrounded by cute angels. Such cards add a homey warmth to Christmas. However the very first Christmas depicted in the Bible is a little different. Mary was pregnant with Jesus when they were told to return to Joseph’s hometown and register there. There were no cars or trains. Mary set out with Joseph, probably on the back of a donkey. They finally arrived at Bethlehem, but where did she give birth? It was in a manger, or a corral, not a well-equipped hospital or even an ordinary house. The manger could have been covered with leftover food and drool from the animals. The Bible tells us that this Jesus is Christ the Savior, God Himself who came into the world. God created our world, the sun, the stars, and the entire universe, and is still ruling today. However, God, who is so big, who created the whole world became so small that he cried and had to have his diaper changed. The Bible says that there was no room for them to stay in. People in our society did not have room for Jesus. The first to accept such a Jesus were the shepherds who were told by an angel to go and meet the baby Jesus. Shepherding was generally looked down on. People who were shut out from society came first to Jesus. Jesus was the first to come to them. Jesus was rejected by society throughout his life. Many of those who came to Jesus were the poor, the sick and sinners. And society, especially the powerful people, sent such a Jesus to the cross. Christianity understands that his death was to save us from our sins. Jesus prayed for those who crucified him, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” But the impossible happened. According to the Bible, on the morning of the third day after his death on the cross, the tomb was empty. He rose from the dead. Did people see this in a dream or in a vision? No, indeed, he really was resurrected. His disciples had feared they too might be killed. But when they met the resurrected Jesus, they began to boldly share their joy. Witnessing the love of God that conquers even death, they were transformed. Many of us, too, may feel tired in mind and body as if we are being forced to bear a "cross.” But when we fix our eyes on Jesus we find a glimmer of hope. Through the steps from the manger to the cross, we can see the "resurrection" beyond the manger and beyond the cross. Jesus invites us to follow in his footsteps. Keep your eyes on the manger, here is salvation, here is life. The first shepherds who ran to the manger went around announcing the birth of Jesus and surprised the people. Aren’t we surprised? The joy of Christmas comes with that surprise. Pack of 50. ¥1,000+

Issued date:2022年09月30日
Price:¥1,100(tax included)