Flipbook Animation: Pottery Workshop/ Enter the Narrow Gate ( ParaPara Manga: Utsuwa Kōbō Sōzōshu dō / Semai Mon Kara Hairu )

Masumi Noda

Two stories without words can be viewed in moving images by flipping the pages of this little booklet. View one and then turn it over and flip the other side. Story 1: The Pottery Workshop. A pot is unwanted and is left unsold so he is depressed. But he discovers he is perfect for an unusual role. The author says, “Each of us is uniquely created by God, so there is no comparison with others. I hope you feel the love of God who created you with love and painstaking care.” Story 2: Enter the Narrow Gate. A well-dressed sheep tries to go through a door but he cannot fit through it. He learns he must get rid of everything of his own to fit through the door and run into the arms of Jesus. ¥1,200+

Issued date:2022年10月15日
Price:¥1,320(tax included)