Love letter from Father ( Chichi Kara no Rabuletah )

Mikio Yokoyama

Tract. In January, 1956, Jim Eliot and 4 other missionaries entered the jungle in Ecuador to share the Christian gospel with the Auca people there. These 5 young men were speared to death, but that was not the end of the story. The widows and were allowed to live with the Aucas. They created a written language for them and translated the Bible into their language over a period of 36 years. But the Auca were only about 800 people. Is that a waste of lives and effort? No, because the Bible is God’s love letter to all people of the world. Quotes Mark 16:15. Christian Jo Niijima founded Doshisha University. When students broke a rule, he struck his own hand with a stick to take the punishment. This is what God did. God sent his only Son Jesus Christ, who had no sin but gave his life on the cross to take punishment for our sin. Quotes verses from Jeremiah, Isaiah and John. When I was in university an American missionary invited me to church. He told me I was a sinner. But God loved me so much that he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross instead of me to take my sin’s punishment. He said, “You are loved.” Those words made my heart warm and gave me hope. I said “If that is really true then I can live.” So I began a life of peace and joy. The Bible is God’s love letter to you. Pack of 50. ¥750+

Issued date:2022年04月20日
Price:¥825(tax included)