Your Life’s Hope That the Bible Talks About: Gospel of John ( Seisho ga Kataru Inochi no Kibō: Yohane no Fukuinsho )

Word of Life Press/EHC/Yoshiya Kondo

The entire text of the Gospel of John from the Japanese Contemporary Bible (Ribingu Baiburu 2016) which is especially intended to communicate in ordinary language to the 99% of Japanese who are not Christians. Gospel text includes introduction to John, topical headings and furigana pronunciation marks on all kanji in the text and topical headings. Unusual words are explained in parentheses. References for quotes from the Old Testament are in parentheses. In the front of the booklet is a full-color 8-page evangelistic message by Yoshiya Kondo entitled “In a Pandemic That Shakes Society, Something Certain That Will Not Change.” On the last page is a link to the web site where readers can find out more about the Bible, Christianity and churches. Perfect for introducing people to the Bible, to Jesus Christ and Christianity. B6 size, 72 pp. ¥200+

Issued date:2022年04月01日
Price:¥220(tax included)