Free From Not Forgiving Myself ( Jibun o Yurusenai Watashi Kara Jiyū ni Natte )

Paku YonJu

Author shares how her negative thoughts in reaction to her life and family issues drove her into a tunnel of depression. She was single and caring for her mother but grew to dislike herself. She found freedom when she learned to depend on God’s grace and commit her anxieties and fears into God’s hands. Now she truly lives with joy. This message gives hope for a life of joy to people weighed down by their problems by turning their attention to God who values them. Closes by quoting Isaiah 43:4 “You are precious in my (God’s) eyes and honored.” Space on the back page for church information plus a URL link to the Oikos site for those who want to know more about the Bible, Christianity and churches. Pack of 50. ¥750+

Issued date:2021年12月25日
Price:¥825(tax included)