Light Shining on the Lonely: A Christmas Gift ( “Kodoku” o Terasu Hikari: Kurisumasu no Okurimono )

Rieko Andō

Christmas tract for adults. We all experience stress and sickness in some form. Jesus said doctors are for the sick and he came to call sinners to repentance. Quotes Luke 5:31-32. The Bible says we all have the sickness called “sin.” This sin separates us from God. So we are lonely for God. But God the Son became a human being and came to this world. Christmas celebrates the birth of the Savior, Jesus. “Jesus faith” means, first of all, that Jesus died as a sacrifice, a substitute for us, to take the punishment for our sin. He was born a human but was the Son of God. He died and the third day he was resurrected. Many people were eye-witnesses. His resurrection proved he had life that could not end and he could give that life to others. “Jesus faith” means, secondly, that believers have received life transforming power. We who do not understand love are connected to God who is love and we are changed into people who can love and forgive. Thirdly, “Jesus faith” means the Bible is how we hear of this faith. But the Bible is not just for believers. Anyone who wants to know the truth can read God’s Word. As we read we see our weaknesses and pride. But if we come to God through Jesus and He becomes our God, then He comes to live in our hearts and we are saved from that loneliness. As we rest in the reality of God’s love for us we begin to learn how to live a life of love. The back page has info on the author’s book, space for church info and a URL link to a web site for more information on the Bible, Christianity and churches. Pack of 50 tracts.

Issued date:2021年09月01日
Price:¥1,100(tax included)