Star of Bethlehem: Christmas Story ( Hoshi o Tazunete )

EHC, Norico Sakura, Illus.

Full color manga Christmas tract for children. Two thousand years ago wise men in an Eastern country see an unusual star. They think it means a new king of the Jews is born. So they travel to look for him in Judah. The same star guides them to a small house in Bethlehem, the town prophesied as the Savior’s birthplace. There they meet the child Jesus, give him gifts and worship him. Savior Jesus is God’s Son born on earth. He is the king who gives peace to the world. All who believe in Jesus have their sins forgiven and can go to Heaven. Christmas celebrates the birth of the Lord Jesus. Last page has a “spot the difference” puzzle, space for church information and a URL link to a web site for more information on Jesus. Pack of 50 tracts.

Issued date:2021年09月01日
Price:¥1,100(tax included)