What Does it Mean to “Believe in God ( Kami o Shinjiru to wa Donna Koto ka? )


It sounds strange when Christians talk about meeting God or believing in God. When you meet a person you talk together or do things together to get to know each other. But to meet God (Jesus) you can’t do either. And studying something is different. But think of it this way. A foster child receives a gift from a foster parent he has not met in person and writes a thank you and follows with letters back and forth sharing more and more of his life with the foster parent who does the same. He looks forward to seeing the foster parent in person but feels he has met the person already. Its like that with God. The first step is to know what the Bible says. God loves each of us. Christians receive and believe that and want to know more about who God is by reading the Bible. The Bible was written by more than 40 people over several thousand years and is a collection of 66 books divided into the Old Testament and New Testament. It tells the story of God loving us sinful people and sending his Son to our world so we could have eternal life with Him. John, a disciple of Jesus, told why he wrote his part of the story in John 20:30, so we could believe in Jesus and receive eternal life. Quotes John 3:16. Won’t you read, believe and receive that life? Back page has info on the Living Bible and the Shinkaiyaku 2017 Bible application, space for church info and a URL link to a web site to learn more about the Bible, Christianity and churches. Pack of 50 tracts.

Issued date:2021年08月25日
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