J-BIBLE 2017 Version 1 for Windows Installation CD-ROM ( J-Baiburu 2017 Insto-ru CD-ROM )


Brand new version of this popular Bible study software for Windows 7, 8 and 10 system users. It now includes the New Japanese Bible 2017 (Shinkaiyaku 2017) translation for a total of 6 translations. Other translations that are viewable are the Shinkaiyaku 3rd edition, Kogoyaku, Shinkyodoyaku, New King James Version, and Today's English Version. User can display several versions at a time, paste and cut, make notes on the same page and search. Owners of the previous version (J-BIBLE 2008) must uninstall that version, then install this version. This will automatically then link to the other modules previously published: Greek, Hebrew, Septuagint and the 2008 Add-On. But Bible Master will not be able to show the Shinkaiyaku 2017 translation, only the Shinkaiyaku 3rd edition text. (The 2008 Add-On also includes Japanese Contemporary Version, The Living Bible, NIV and KJV.) Created by the Japan Computer Bible Research Group. ISBN978-4-264-03940-2 ¥12,000+

Issued date:2017年12月05日
Price:¥13,200(tax included)