Reading Love in the Japan Constitution ( Kenpoh ni Ai o Yomu )

Yohko Miya

An easy-to-read introduction to the Japan constitution for anyone from jr. high and up. A lawyer challenged this pastor’s wife to read the constitution by saying, “You can find the Bible’s idea of love in it.” She studied it with a small group and saw that the tone of the writing and the idea of human rights for individuals in the document express that love for others that reflects God’s love. Inalienable human rights are a new idea in Japanese political thought, since the Meiji era constitution saw all rights as granted by the emperor through the government. However these rights are not given by the government but are given by our Creator God to all people equally. It is government’s job to protect them. This book encourages everyone to read the constitution for themselves. Forest Books. B6* size, 168 pp.

Issued date:2016/06/01
Price:¥1,320(tax included)