Lyre 2017: Until the End CD ( Lyre 2017: Saigo Made CD )


14 new songs in the 8th album released 20 years after the first album by the contemporary worship group Lyre. The title song is Until the End. Over the years the six members have had various life experiences but they trust in God's love until the end of their journeys and entrust all into His hands. Here are songs helpful for that journey written by Eiko Wakabayashi, Sasagu Tsukada and Akiko Koyama. They include settings of Matt. 6:33, Psalm139: 23,24; Romans 15:1-7; Revelation 5:13 and one song bringing together Psalm 69:32; 132:14 and Hebrews 6:17. Instrumentation includes piano, violin, cello, guitar, synthesizer and cajon (percussion box). In the booklet with the lyrics of each song is a side bar with info on the song such as why, where or when it was written.

Issued date:2016/12/28
Price:¥2,200(tax included)