Reading Through the Bible In One Year ( Ichinen de Seisho o Dokuhasuru )

Takahiro Suzuki

Have you ever said you want to read the Bible all the way through at least once before you die? Many Japanese want to know more about the world’s best-seller but don’t know where to start and may not be ready to go into a church to find out. This book helps you read the Bible for yourself. By reading just 4 pages of the book each week and then reading the Bible passage those pages talk about in that week, you can finish the whole Bible in one year. It starts with the Gospels of Matthew and John and then goes through the Old Testament before returning to the New Testament. The 4 guidebook pages explain who wrote that part of the Bible, for what purpose and what the major focus is. It includes a few maps and illustrations, too. So it acts as an introductory Bible survey, even if you do not choose to follow the one-year reading program. Good for people who do not know much about the Bible as well as experienced readers. A5 size, 224 pp.

Issued date:2016/01/25
Price:¥1,760(tax included)