Hometown Scene With a Cross ( Juujika no Aru Fuukei )

Sun-Ae Choi

Why are there over 500,000 Koreans permanently living in Japan called Zainichi Koreans? Many are the children and grandchildren of people forcibly brought to Japan to work in mines and factories after Japan annexed Korea and sent its own men to war. The Korean War brought more people. After the war some returned to Korea, but those who remained were left in legal and cultural limbo and denied citizenship unless they took a Japanese name. They faced discrimination in Japanese society. Many Japanese have never been taught in their schools about the history of these people. The author is a pianist who was born in Japan of Korean parents. She shares her family history as an introduction to the history of these people and the Korean churches in Japan so Japanese Christians can be good neighbors to them. B6 size, 160 pp.

Issued date:2015/09/01
Price:¥1,650(tax included)