Journey With Rita ( Rita to Tabisuru )

Forest Books

This is a documentary on the life of Rita Taketsuru (1896-1961) the wife of Masataka Taketsuru, who started the first whiskey distillery in Japan. Her life is the model for the heroine of an NHK 6-month TV drama in 2013-2014 called Massan where the character is called Ellie Kameyama. She was born Jesse Roberta Cowan and met Masataka in her native Scotland and married him and moved to Osaka. He always called her Rita. There she was active in an Anglican church and taught English in a school. Moving to Hokkaido where her husband’s distillery was established, she became active in an Anglican church there. Interviews include the present pastor of that church and her housemaid, who remembers how she often read the Bible and how quick she was to forgive when she broke something. When she became sick and bedridden, members of another Anglican church visited her and that church held her funeral. After that her husband donated a large gift to that church which built a kindergarten and named it after Rita. Her husband then received baptism as a Christian as well. Includes photos, both B&W and color. B6* size, 96 pp.

Issued date:2014/12/05
Price:¥1,320(tax included)