Manga History of Christianity: Japan ( Manga Kirisutokyoh no Rekishi: Nihon Hen )

Masakazu Higuchi, author and illustrator, Satoshi Nakamura, history editor

The story of Christianity in Japan is shown in manga stories featuring significant people and events with illustrated text that connects the stories and gives the overview. Manga stories feature Francis Xavier’s arrival in 1545 and the missionaries and Christian samurai lords who followed him leading to the suppression of Christianity in the 17th century, martyrdom, the Shimabara Rebellion and the secret Kirishitans. The Protestant missionaries such as James Hepburn and the early Japanese believers and leaders such as Jo Niijima and Toyohiko Kagawa are featured up to post WWII Japan. Forest Books. B6* size, 230 pp.

Issued date:2014/11/10
Price:¥1,540(tax included)