Manga Genesis III: Abraham's Covenant ( Manga Jeneshisu III Aburahamu Keiyaku )

Kelly Shinozawa, text and illus.

Final volume in this full-color manga (comic book) edition of the Genesis story from the Bible. The story picks up at Abraham's life and his covenant with God and concludes with Isaac meeting Rebecca. Throughout the author points to prophecies and parallels to Jesus, showing how Jesus fulfills the prophecies of a savior from sin and its judgment by the cross, creating a new covenant with God for those who believe. For instance God saves Lot from the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah, and he saves us from sin's judgment by our trust in Jesus as savior. Truly beautiful artwork with a powerful message. A5 size, 288 pp.

Issued date:2017/11/25
Price:¥1,760(tax included)