Evangelical Hymns for the Church ( Kyōkai Fukuin Sanbika )

Japan Evangelical Association for Congregational

Singing 506 hymns selected from many hymnals by representatives of 3 Evangelical denominations. Includes new hymns and worship songs as well as many traditional hymns that have updated language so all generations of Japanese Christians can sing with understanding. Good size, easy to read print. Most songs have 4-part harmony for keyboard and choral singing. See the accompaniment book for songs with only melody. All songs have all verses in the staff and many have chords above the staff for guitar. On the facing page are the lyrics only showing the Chinese characters. Indexes give the tunes and the titles in the original language as well as in Japanese. Brown vinyl cover with stained glass design dust jacket. B6 size, 1,120 pp.

Issued date:2012/09/01
Price:¥4,180(tax included)