The Thing More Precious Than Life ( Inochi yori Taisetsu na Mono )

Tomihiro Hoshino

Words and paintings of flowers and Nature by the nationally-famous disabled mouth artist and poet, especially those which express his Christian faith, in conjunction with the Exhibition from November, 2012, to March, 2013, at Ochanomizu Christian Center in Tokyo. Part 1: Exhibition theme essays, interviews and 12 paintings with poems. Part 2: 15 paintings with poems. Part 3: Collaboration of paintings and words. Fourteen 2-page spreads with a painting only on one page and prose selections from previously published books on the facing page. Hoshino’s poems and prose express unexpected grace discovered in common flowers, scenes of Nature and daily life which points to something (Someone) beyond this life and connects with Japanese at a heart level. Hardcover. B5* size, 88 pp. ¥1,260

Issued date:2012/11/01
Price:¥1,320(tax included)