Manga: Before Saying God Doesn’t Exist ( Manga Kami nante Inai to Iu Mae ni )

Park Yeong Deok; Cremind, illus.

Full-color manga book, originally published in Korea, with an engaging and humorous style appealing to Japanese. It challenges atheists to reconsider their belief, answers 16 major question/objections to Christianity, compares it to 4 other religions, gives a wonderful overview of Christianity (God, man’s dilemma, salvation for sin - explaining many OT images), 2 great proofs of God’s existence (resurrection of Christ and answers to prayer in the author’s life), and concludes with a clear presentation of how to trust in Christ for eternal life. Wonderful for Japanese youth (6th grade and up) and young adults who wonder what Christianity is about, all in one book. Introduces the living, biblical faith, not church history. A5 size, 224 pp. ¥1,680

Issued date:2012/08/23
Price:¥1,760(tax included)