The Good and Beautiful Community: Following The Spirit, Extendin ( Ekusasaizu III )

James Bryan Smith

In this third book in the Apprentice Series, Smith helps us know how-to live-in relationship with others as apprentices of Jesus. He writes: "Apprentices of Jesus are not part-time do-gooders. They live in continuous contact with the kingdom of God and are constantly men and women in whom Christ dwells. They do not sometimes tell the truth, sometimes live sacrificially or sometimes forgive. There are myriad opportunities for us to impact the world in which we live." In this book, Smith shows us how to bring spiritual formation and community engagement together and offers spiritual practices that root new, true narratives about God and the world in our souls. His insight and humility as a fellow learner with us will lead us to live in authentic ways as a good and beautiful community of Christ-followers, shining the light of the Spirit into every relationship. 46 size, 352 pp. ISBN978-4-264-04315-7 ¥2,500+

Issued date:2023/07/20
Price:¥2,750(tax included)