Introducing the Old Testament: A Short Guide to its History and ( Kyūyaku Seisho no Kihon )

Tremper Longman III

This book is for the reader who desires to understand a synopsis of the Old Testament books, authorship/date of the books, genre/style of the books, connections to the New Testament (how it anticipates the gospel) and theological history. There is a chapter on each book of the Old Testament with orientating data on what that book is about, key points to understand, when and why it was written, and references to key passages. Most significantly, it explores the meaning of each book in light of its cultural setting. This is a condensed version of the author’s best-selling academic work, An Introduction to the Old Testament. B6 size, 320 pp. ISBN978-4-264-04425-3 ¥2,500+

Issued date:2023/04/25
Price:¥2,750(tax included)