Praying the Lord’s Prayer ( Watashitachi no Shu no Inori )

J. I. Packer

New Classic Series. Praying is a problem for many people. Christians often go through the motions of prayer because it is expected of them, but they are often left wondering, "Did God hear me? Does he even care?" Prayer is a natural activity between the Heavenly Father and his children. This pattern of prayer that Jesus taught includes the gospel, theology, a rule of purpose and petition. As readers study each phrase in Christ's prayer, they will begin to develop a deeper understanding, appreciation for, and communion with the Father in Heaven. “4-6” size (13X19cm), 152 pp. ISBN978-4-264-04416-1 ¥1,300+

Issued date:2023/03/10
Price:¥1,430(tax included)