Bedtime Stories For Parents and Children to Enjoy ( Oyako de Tanoshimu Beddotaimu Sutōrii )

Hiroko Komatsubara, Yōko Yoshida, illus.

Twelve illustrated stories with biblical themes for elementary school children to read with parents at bedtime or on their own anytime. The forest animals enjoy their forest library and learn many things as they observe the nearby humans and read the Bible stories. Funny and heartwarming stories with charming black and white illustrations. Delightful story characters include an insomniac raccoon, a tomboy rice bird, a transfer student peacock and many others. Furigana on many kanji. Reading level from 3rd grade and up. Forest Books. A5 size, 174 pp. ISBN978-4-264-04404-8 ¥1,500+

Issued date:2023/01/20
Price:¥1,650(tax included)