Certainly Tomorrow’s Weather Will Be Fine ( Kitto Ashita wa Ii Tenki )

Various Authors

Documentary on the hope of 27 people. Suffering doesn't end with suffering—Volume 7 of the popular documentary series “Turning Point of Life." Authors include Sayuri Kume, Okio Hino, Kiko Wilson, Ritsuko Honda, Sakie Yokota and others. People from many walks of life, including doctors, rugby player, singers, scientist, writer, Mongolian, actor, nursing care supervisor, pediatrician, translator, guitarist, film producer, hospital chaplain, architect, public health nurse, etc. Collection of faith testimonies from the Gospel Edition (Fukuinban) of THE CHRISTIAN Newspaper tabloid monthly tract. B6 size, 152 pp. ISBN978-4-264-04388-1 ¥500+

Issued date:2022/11/20
Price:¥550(tax included)