New English Conversation Handbook for Christians ( Shin Kurisuchan Eikaiwa Handobukku )

Sawako Tagawa

New edition now quoting the Shinkaiyaku 2017 Bible translation. Conversational English phrases with Japanese beside them that are frequently used in fellowship, worship, testimony and prayer, plus those used in Christian circles for writing letters and cards. For Japanese welcoming English speakers to their Japanese church, or for those attending an English language church in Japan or in another country. Ideal for Japanese with intermediate English ability. Essentially bilingual, it is also useful for missionaries and other foreigners learning Japanese religious vocabulary because furigana pronunciation marks are included with the kanji. It includes both a Japanese and an English table of contents, vocabulary lists and a list of Japanese denominations. Forest Books. B6 size, 232 pp. ISBN978-4-264-04385-0 ¥1,800+

Issued date:2022/11/01
Price:¥1,980(tax included)