On Rainy Days and Clear Days Too: My Manic Depression Diary ( Ame no Hi mo Hare no Hi mo: Watashi no Sō Utsubyō Nikki )

Michiyo Uchida and Mariko Yoshiga, psychiatrist

Manga story and essays sharing the experience of a woman with manic depression who is supported by family and her psychiatrist. Honest, direct sharing what her life is like and how it has affected her family. She is strengthened and supported by the Bible and her faith in God which gives her hope. Includes essays by the psychiatrist on how to support sufferers of the illness. Originally a series in Gospel for the Millions monthly magazine. A5 size, 256 pp. ISBN978-4-264-04369-0 ¥1,800+

Issued date:2022/11/01
Price:¥1,980(tax included)