Christian Who Was Made a BC Class War Criminal ( BCKyu Senpan ni Sareta Kirisutosha )

Kaihei Koshio

Yoshiaki Nakada was a seminary student who travelled to the Philippines during WW2 as a representative of the Japanese churches to urge the Philippine churches to cooperate with the occupying Japanese forces. As a result the people gathered in a church and then the Japanese army set the building on fire to get rid of those opposing their rule. Nakada desperately saved a number of people out of the fire. But after the war the war crime tribunal concluded he was party to the atrocity and branded him a BC class war criminal. Though he considered himself innocent because he tried to save people, he eventually realized he was guilty of prejudice against them. He worked for peace and reconciliation and wants the Japanese churches to recognize their war responsibility. “4-6” size, 104 pp. ISBN978-4-264-04380-5 ¥1,000+

Issued date:2022/08/15
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