Book for Elementary Students to Understand the Whole Bible ( Shōgakusei no tame no Seisho ga Marugoto Wakaru Hon )

Takahiro Suzuki, Yukiko Tasaki, illus.

Who are the Pharisees? Is it OK to pick up wheat? This illustrated book helps children learn the words and background of Bible stories and understand the meaning. Adults reading to or with the children will also have their eyes opened. Furigana pronunciation marks accompany kanji characters. Articles are written in 3 reading levels. 1st-2nd graders can read Old Testament stories by themselves. For 3rd-4th graders: the Gospels. For 5th-6th graders: Acts and Epistles. Great as congratulation gift for children entering school or moving up a grade. Forest Books imprint. A5 size, 304 pp. ISBN978-4-264-04344-7 (Shōgakusei no tame no Seisho ga Marugoto Wakaru Hon) (19750) ¥1,800+

Issued date:2022/04/10
Price:¥1,980(tax included)