Answers to Prayer ( Jōji Myurah no Inori no Hiketsu )

George Mueller

New Classic Series. Revised translation for contemporary readers. When George Mueller could not get it out of his mind to open a house for orphans in late 1835, he purposed to do so "that God might be magnified by the fact that the orphans under my care are provided with all they need, only by prayer and faith." For over sixty years George Mueller wrote down the details of the Lord's provision. Thousands of orphans depended solely on Mueller, and Mueller, in turn, depended solely on the Lord. Prayer is an urgent matter that always yields crucial results. Through his narrative account, Mueller reveals how powerful and spiritually rewarding prayer can be in your life. “4-6” size (133mmX188mm), 144 pp. ISBN978-4-264-04340-9 ¥1.300+

Issued date:2022/05/01
Price:¥1,430(tax included)