Open the Door For a Little Life ( Chiisana Inochi no Doa o Akete )

Ikuko Nagahara, Kazuko Nishio, Sumi Noda, illus.

Documentary using manga and essays telling the stories of 6 women who had unexpected pregnancies. The loving counselors of the ministry Door For a Little Life receive frantic telephone calls over a 24 hour period from women who are confused about what they should do. They wonder about abortion but the counseling staff suggest the children be adopted or offer to help them keep the baby and support them in caring for their baby. They share their ministry’s activities that support these women and their babies. In these case studies all the women choose life for the baby. Forest Books. A5 size, 215 pp. ISBN978-4-264-04287-7 ¥1,700+

Issued date:2021/09/01
Price:¥1,870(tax included)