Shalom: The Bible’s Word for Salvation, Justice & Peace ( Shalōmu Jasutisu )

Perry B. Yoder

The biblical challenge of shalom is one which ought to draw all Christians together in a common struggle so that God's will might be done and God's kingdom might come on earth as it is in heaven. People, as well as structures, need to be transformed. People who are caught in oppressive structures need to be liberated from the values and perspectives inculcated by these structures. The shalom maker, as a result, is involved in a mission of conversion--converting people to a new understanding and way of life. This conversion, based on God's love for them in Jesus, frees them from old patterns of thought. Shalom love is suffering love because it is militant love struggling for human liberation, justice, and shalom, which is God's will for our world. “4-6” size, 320 pp. ISBN978-4-2664-04288-4 ¥2,300+

Issued date:2021/08/01
Price:¥2,530(tax included)