Collected Works of B. F. Buxton: Supplement Vol.: The Still Smal ( Buxton Chosaku-shū Bekkan: Kasuka na Hosoi Mikoe )

Barclay Fowell Buxton

This extra volume to the series contains the first Japanese translation of Buxton’s sermon: "The still small voice of God" written in 1930, preached in Britain in 1934, and published in “The Gospel “ magazine. Sermons from his last visit to Japan that were published in "Reisen" magazine are also included in the book. His messages emphasize the proactive grace of God as a divine and not human work. These famous sermons represent the best compilation of Buxton’s works. B6 size, 290 pp.

Issued date:2020/07/31
Price:¥2,750(tax included)