NJB2017 New Testament: Commemorative Edition with Psalms NSC-20 ( Shinyaku Seisho Kinen Yo: Shihen Tsuki/Chu NSC-20 )

Shin Nihon Seisho Kankōkai

Medium print New Testament with Psalms. New Japanese Bible 2017 (Shinkaiyaku 2017) translation. Includes section headings in the text for themes and topics of the passage, plus in the back are text notes and black & white maps. Good for giving as gift to commemorate special occasions such as graduation, wedding, coming of age, etc. and there is an optional cream colored paperwrap with a gold cross to put it in. For giving to a guest or family member at a funeral there is an optional blue paperwrap that closes in the opposite direction following Japanese custom. “46” size (193x135x27mm), 500 grams, 704 pp. Light Blue vinyl cover.

Issued date:2019/05/10
Price:¥2,310(tax included)