NJB2017 Bible Mini Beige NB-40bg ( Seisho Shinkaiyaku 2017 Baiburu mini Beiju NB-49bg )

Shin Nihon Seisho Kankohkai

Smallest, handy size edition (OT & NT) of the New Japanese Bible (Shinkaiyaku) 2017 edition. Text edition without cross references or maps but with text notes collected in the back. 5.5 point print. Lightweight 380 grams. B7 size (13.3x10x3.5cm) 2,238 pp. ISBN 978-4-264-03738-5 Beige vinyl binding in a stand-up case. ¥3,500+

Issued date:2018/11/01
Price:¥3,850(tax included)