NJB2017 Medium Print Reference Bible NBI-20 ( Seisho Shinkaiyaku 2017 Chūgata Sutandahdo Ban NBI-20 )

Shin Nihon Seisho Kankōkai

Standard size, medium 7.8 pt. print reference Bible. New Japanese Bible (Shinkaiyaku) 2017 translation. With furigana pronunciation marks alongside almost all characters. With text notes and cross references at the bottom of the page. Includes table of weights and measures and 16 pages of color maps. 1kg. “46” size (193x142x53mm), 2176 pp. ISBN 978-4-264-03721-7 Navy color flexible vinyl binding with blue paper jacket.

Issued date:2017/10/01
Price:¥5,940(tax included)