Encounters With Jesus ( Iesu ni Deau to Iu Koto )

Timothy Keller

Unexpected answers to life's biggest questions. People are changed by meeting Jesus personally - and we can be changed by encountering him today. What is my purpose in life? What is a good life? Why is there so much wrong with our world? What can I do to help make it right? These are some of the big questions that everyone confronts in life. Any lasting change in our lives will start with a change to one or more of our answers to these questions. Jesus changed the life of every person he met in the Gospels, through powerful experiences and words that led them to unexpected and transforming answers to their big questions. This book focuses on several of these meetings Jesus had with others - including with a skeptical student, a religious insider, an outcast, even his mother - and shows how the central events in Jesus' life provide ways for us to encounter him again or for the first time. B6 size, 256 pp.

Issued date:2017/09/10
Price:¥1,760(tax included)