Be Useful to God and Others, Not Just Competent ( Yuunoh de Aru Yorimo, Yuueki de Aru Koto o )

Makio Kodaira

Look again at reality through the eyes of faith. Sermons by the pastor of the Holiness church in Nishinomiya in Kobe, the center of the great Kansai earthquake in 1995. His church was a distribution center for relief supplies following the earthquake and he directed the relief work and ministry to his community. One of the sermons shares his experience of being overwhelmed by the disaster and burning out. But when he had no more to give he also saw the glory and grace of the Word of God speak into those hard times. We must know, rely on and apply the Word of God in every circumstance of life, including the hard times. Then our own soul will be healed and we will be equipped to minister to others in Christ's name in his power. B6 size, 96 pp.

Issued date:2017/05/10
Price:¥1,045(tax included)