Bible in Politics ( Seisho to Seiji: Shakai de Fukuin o Doh Yomuka )

Richard Bauckham

The author teaches the reader how to read the Bible politically and to gain an understanding of the social relevance of the Bible that is disciplined, informed, imaginative, and politically fruitful. He offers neither a summary of the political teaching of the Bible nor a program for Christian political action, but a prerequisite for those things: a course in political hermeneutics. He pays close attention to the text of scripture and believes the eye-witness accounts of Jesus' teaching are reliable. He uses selected Bible passages as examples in meditations on, Leviticus 19, Proverbs 31:1-9, Psalms 10 and 126, Jesus on taxes (Matt. 17, Mark 11-12), Exodus, Revelation 18, the Book of Esther, and the Genesis Flood. In these he sees themes that apply to today's world: righteous living, power, oppression, taxes, urban life, service and freedom, the Jewish holocaust and the nuclear holocaust. B6 * size, 288 pp.

Issued date:2017/05/10
Price:¥2,200(tax included)