Manga Hidden Ranges ( Manga Kairei )

Ayako Miura, author, Kazue Katsuma, adaptation, Toshio Katsuma, illus.

Manga illustrated edition of the best-selling historical novel by Ayako Miura. Based on the exciting true story of three shipwrecked Japanese sailors who, for a year and two months, drift across the Pacific in the 1830's and wash up in North America. They hear of Christ but realize this is the faith that is banned in Japan at the time. They then travel to England and to Macau in an attempt to re-enter Japan. While in Macau they help translate the Gospel of John into Japanese as the very first book of the Bible in Japanese. There they clearly hear the meaning of the Gospel. When finally refused re-entry into Japan, one is seen praying to Christ who would not refuse him. Great as an introduction to Christianity for adults as well as kids. Forest Books. B6 size, 200pp.

Issued date:2017/05/01
Price:¥1,320(tax included)