SuperBook Season 5 DVD


Home Use and Church/Library Use DVDs. Fifth and final season of computer-generated animation Bible stories in 16 episodes on 7 DVDs. Chris, Joy and their robot friend travel back in time to meet the people of the Bible and interact in their exciting stories. Episodes: 1. The Birth of Moses; 2. Nicodemus; 3. Zacchaeus; 4. The Sermon on the Mount; 5. Isaiah; 6. Baptized: Simon Peter and miraculous catch of fish; Chris and Joy are baptized; 7. Jesus-Friend of Sinners; 8. Paul Keeps the Faith: in prison and writes letters; 9. Love Your Enemies: Jesus arrested, heals ear, forgives those who kill him, Stephen forgives those who kill him; 10. Paul and the Unknown God Part 1; 11. Paul and the Unknown God Part 2; 12. Doubting Thomas; 13. The Promise of a Child: Mary and Gabriel revisited: from creation to Jesus (includes Christmas song); 14. Rescued: Shadrach and friends, Daniel, Jonah; 15. Heroes of the Bible: Noah, Rahab, Joshua; 16. The Widow’s Mite. The set includes a printed discussion guide for the parent and child to apply the lessons of the stories. Soundtrack in Japanese or English with subtitles in Japanese or English. Each episode is 22 to 28 minutes. Introductory price ¥18,000+tax.

Issued date:2022/09/01
Price:¥19,800(tax included)