SuperBook Season 4 DVD


Home Use and Church/Public use DVDs. The 4th season of 13 episodes of computer animated Bible stories for kids. In these exciting SuperBook stories Chris and Joy and their robot friend are whisked back into Bible times to meet the Bible people in person and experience the stories. Episodes: 1. Jesus Feeds the Hungry (at Cana wedding and the 5,000). 2. Peter and Cornelius. 3. Paul and Silas in Prison. 4. Solomon’s Temple: God’s plan. 5. Peter’s Escape from Prison. 6. Christmas Has Come: Jesus heals a blind man. 7. Joshua and Caleb. 8. Elijah and the Widow. 9. Teach Us to Pray: The Lord’s Prayer. 10. Jeremiah: A faithful prophet. 11. Jesus in the Wilderness (and Boy in the Temple). 12 Paul and Barnabas. 13. Philip and the Ethiopian (and Simon in Samaria). The set includes a printed discussion guide for the parent and child to apply the lessons of the stories. Choose Japanese or English audio and subtitles are available in English or Japanese. All stories are 27-28 minutes. ¥15,000+

Issued date:2021/04/01
Price:¥16,500(tax included)