On Wings of Eagles


The 1981 movie Chariots of Fire (Japanese title: Honoo 炎 no Runnah) told the story of Eric Liddell winning a gold medal in the 1924 Paris Olympics after refusing to run on Sunday. This new movie was made in China and is somewhat loosely based on Eric's life after his return to China, where he was born to missionary parents, as a missionary himself. It stars Joseph Fiennes as Eric who is a teacher of chemistry at a school for Chinese young people. (The movie does not show his evangelistic work in the countryside.) When the Japanese Imperial Army invades he sends his wife and daughters to Canada while he stays to help where he can. The movie shows he and the foreign teachers and children and other foreigners being taken captive by the Japanese and eventually interned in the Weihsien Internment Camp. (They included the missionary children from the Chefoo school but that is not shown clearly in the movie). He threw himself into teaching the children and organizing sports activities while urging them to not hate the Japanese but love them as Jesus did and pray for them. The movie has races he was forced to run in. His love for Chinese is shown and Chinese characters try to help him smuggle supplies into the camp. Some Japanese soldiers try to help the prisoners and protect them and are punished by the brutal Japanese commander. Eric later dies of a brain tumor just before the camp is liberated in 1945. It is clear Eric has sacrificed his life for others. Rated PG-13 for violence (including the death of a child). 96 minutes.

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