All Saints

SONY Pictures/LifeCreation

Based on a true story, a salesman-turned-pastor (John Corbett) of tiny All Saints Episcopal church in rural Smyrna, Tennessee, is ordered to shut it down. But believing he hears the voice of God, he attempts to save the church, as well as a group of Karen refugees from Burma, by planting vegetables on church land. "Its characters speak frequently of the power of prayer and signs from God, (but) “All Saints” isn’t preachy or heavy-handed." (Ebert) "It certainly doesn't neglect its religious themes. But it mainly stresses the humanity of its characters and the importance of community ties. It does this in a manner that is never heavy-handed, making the true-life tale all the more inspiring." (Hollywood Reporter) The real church and some real parishioners are in the movie.

Issued date:2018/04/10
Price:¥2,090(tax included)