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Love Your Enemy
BeiLi Li with Yoshimasa Moribe
Love Your Enemy
Anata no Teki o Aishinasai
The amazing true story of BeiLi Li, a woman from a loyal communist family and a Red Army soldier during the Cultural Revolution in China, who is transformed by the gospel of Christ and now is a pastor in Japan. In her youth she was moved by the music and message of Christian radio broadcasts and years later met Chinese Christians at the YMCA in Beijing and also some Japanese who told her how to come to Japan. She came to Japan to study acting and met Chinese Christians in Kobe and attended a Chinese church there. Shocked at the news of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 she turned from communism to Christ. She graduated from Seiwa University and then studied theology at Kiyoritsu division of Tokyo Christian University. She married Gohki Kaku, a Baptist pastor and widower whose father had been a Japanese soldier in China and fought the communist army her own parents had been a part of. Chapters alternate between his story and her story. He was a pastor's kid who left church to play saxophone in cabarets but later returned to the Lord. He later died and she continues sharing Christ with Japanese and Chinese. The book includes a chapter giving the history of China and the house church movement there after WW2 until now. Includes photos. B6* size, 384 pp.

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