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NJB2017 Medium Print Reference Bible NBI-20
Shin Nihon Seisho Kankohkai
NJB2017 Medium Print Reference Bible NBI-20
Seisho Shinkaiyaku 2017 Ch?gata Sutandahdo Ban NBI-20
Standard size, medium print reference Bible. New Japanese Bible 2017 is a comprehensive revision of the Shinkaiyaku Bible translation that reflects the changes in usage in the Japanese language, reflects recent biblical scholarship, provides a careful and accurate translation of the original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek into natural Japanese, and is easily understood by listening to oral reading of the text. The new font of the written text makes it easy to read with furigana pronunciation marks alongside almost all characters. With text notes and cross references at the bottom of the page. Includes table of weights and measures and 16 pages of color maps. The first printing was completely sold out before the release in October, 2017, with the second printing in February, 2018. B6* size, 2192 pp.

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