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Both Day and Night
Both Day and Night
(Hi mo Tsuki mo)

Yurie + Land
New album with vocals by Yurie with the band called Land. Songs in a pops style are written by Yurie and/or Chikara "Ricky" Hazama and arranged by Ricky. Most songs have English verses or phrases. Songs: 1. Introduction; 2. Dear My Friend (with Evergreen Choir); 3. FLY!; 4. The Only One; 5. Hi mo, Tsuki mo (Both Day and Night- includes words from Psalm 121:5,6); 6. Breakthrough (includes words of Ruth 1:16,17 spoken in English); 7. OKINAWA; 8. Interlude; 9. Why?; 10. The Kingdom of Heaven; 11. Eternal (about eternal life through the cross of Christ); 12. Prelude; 13. Yakusoku no Basho e
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