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The Christmas Present
The Christmas Present
(Kurisumasu no Okurimono)

Tom and Nancy Edwards.
Why do people give Christmas presents? The word “Christmas” refers to remembering and celebrating (“mas”) the coming of a rescuer sent from God (“Christ”). Who is he? Back in the beginning Adam and Eve sinned and were separated from God. All people are separated. But God loved us and sent Jesus to rescue us so we could again have fellowship with God. Jesus was born of Mary 2,000 years ago and never sinned. He died as a payment for our sins. Romans 6:23. Christmas commemorates the best present ever from God. You can receive it. John 1:12. (16.8) Size: 10.5cm X 12.5cm. Sold in packs of 50. \840
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Santa Claus and Christmas
Santa Claus and Christmas
(Santa Kurohsu to Kurisumasu)

Tom and Nancy Edwards, EHC
Tract for youth and adults. Many people think of Santa Claus when they think of Christmas. There was a person in history who became the model for Santa, a generous man named Nicholas, who died on December 6, 343. He also shows us the real meaning of Christmas because he believed in Jesus so he refused to worship the Roman emperor as a god. Jesus is God's present to us. Because of our sin we are separated from God who made us. Jesus came and died on the cross to save us from sin and give us a close relationship to God, so we celebrate his birth at Christmas. 12 yen each. Packet of 50 \630
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